Webcasting and Live Streaming Cambridge

Webcasting and live streaming

Webcasting and Live Streaming Cambridge – Webcasting is simple, it’s getting your event live on the web so anyone who can’t be there is… right there just like they were in the room. They may even get a better experience because they are going to get a more personal viewpoint. Just like any TV show that is broadcast, webcasting is exactly the same but on the web.

Live Streaming

Live streaming is really the bit you as event organiser shouldn’t have to think about. It’s our bit, the part where we take the live pictures from your event and send them to a special page on your web site where you paste a line of code that we give you (and yes we can help). When you direct your audience to the page they see your event. Of course we can create a page for you, with your branding and all you need to do is tell people the time and web address (URL) of the page. We can set this page to be free, pay per view or super secure so only your intended viewers see the web cast.

So your shareholders meeting can be by just your shareholders who can’t make the meeting. Or the whole world can see you latest product launch. Perhaps you have a new training video, you can ask people to pay to see it live or video on demand. Or it could be that wedding you want the relatives in Australia to see. Or even a school play or concert securely streamed to all the grandparents who can’t make it.

The easiest thing is to call us on 0800 193760 tell us about your event, the audience you’d like to reach and we fill in the gaps.

Oh yes our streams work on Computers, Tablets and Smart Phones, so we can get to your audience wherever they are.


Webcasting, Live Streaming, Cambridge based and we have an office in London. We serve the whole of the UK.

Our Service

We offer a full service, we can provide one camera or a multi camera set up. We can just do the streaming bit. And we offer very sensible prices, it’s a lot less than you are thinking now. We always work with our clients to maximise the money they have available to create the best WebCast we can.

Our Crew

Our Team are from Broadcast TV, you will have watched the shows they make on TV. You couldn’t be in better hands. Our Creative Director makes shows like this

He was a former Head of BBC Entertainment and is one of the best live multi camera directors in the business.

We can also manage any aspect of your event and help with any content. Our producers and Production managers are very experienced and used to very big event management and content production.

Webcasting, Live Streaming, Cambridge

So do contact us we are here to help 0800 193760 or 01223 830760 if you are local to Cambridge. or email us enquiries@pepperrafferty.com

We hope we can help you reach a larger audience with a little worry on your part as possible.

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