Video Production Values

Production Values

What is Video Production Value?

So what are video production values? Is it return on investment, is the cost of production covered by the traffic and sales it produces? In the business of producing video, TV or commercial, production values are the quality of the production, does it look glossy and expensive? The most important question is, does an expensive video or production generate more sales or views? It needs to, obviously to cover costs. The question is how cheap is cheap? At what point does a cheap video impact on the actual image or reduce the production values too much?




Why do Production Values Matter?

Production values matter because ultimately it’s your money. It is actually more complex today than ever. We live in a world where a home video of a brother biting his baby brother’s finger shot on an iPhone has more value than an advert costing hundreds of thousands of pounds. One can only be guided by the ultimate goal of the video, the brand, product or service it represents and the intended audience.

What influences affect Production Values?

For many years the style of editing, the voice we choose has been informed by “popular culture” the posh phrase for television and film. Occasionally a Tarrantino disrupts the traditions, breaking the rules we have become accustomed to. But now should we be taking our leave from YouTubers? Often all the techniques we have been sniffy about, jump-cuts, line-crossing etc. Shooting on a wide and using cropping for the shot changes. Even the style of the storytelling, how we get from beginning middle and end. Duration, the traditional 30m, 60m and 90+ of comedy, serial drama and feature are all tested by the short form commissions of today. Our creative industries are going through a period of change and it is very exciting. I think it’s interesting that so few video producers are really looking at youtube to inform their creative marketing. I don’t think tracking a message text is enough to represent these new creative opportunities.

How do I decide what sort of video to make?

There are many styles of video. A piece to camera shot on an iPhone, to high-end commercial. The best way to decide is a conversation with experienced content creators. Listen if they tell you you are wasting your money and they should if they believe that is the case. In general, an integrated strategy is the best way forward. Where are you trying to drive your audience, is it a web site, is it a landing page, a video on youtube? Nothing can exist in isolation, and you have to promote wherever your video sits. One social media site feeds another you do need a strategy and every project requires a different strategy. Above all else, it doesn’t have to cost the earth. Find a company you like and trust and start talking.

2 thoughts on “Video Production Values

  1. I do like the timbre of what you are saying about media.
    However, I am concerned about some typo’s, for example: ‘video of a bother biting his baby’ and ‘sniffy about, jump cuts line crossing.’
    Attention to detail is most important in our trade?
    I did not check the rest of the pages on your site by the way, and hope you take my observations as positive criticism.
    Kind regards.

    • Hi Jonathan, thanks for this, I have corrected. I do my best and rely heavily on Grammarly. I am dyslexic and in this modern world of social discourse is one I want to be part of, but I am often exposed.

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