Not All Video Production Companies…

Not All Video Production Companies

Not All Video Production companies

Not all video production companies are taking their lead from youtube, there are many reasons why they should. At Pepper Rafferty we try to learn from success as much as possible. Jonathan’s time spent developing for Al Jazeera was key to our ethos. Sadeem is now in its third cycle and is a talent show online for influencers, that makes it sound much less than it was. It gave people from all walks of life a voice and was very moving to see. You have to look at every successful YouTuber’s video to get what’s going on.

Heres a list of the UK’s top influencers today from Capital FM. Without exception, they have built an audience through regular posting; there are no overnight successes here. Sure they have all found fame quickly, and some are likely to be here today and gone tomorrow. But the relevant observation is consistent and regular posting. Together with a good sense of story.

As video producers or advisors to companies on their video strategy, we all have to recognise that this type of influence is vital to any marketing. A single advert in the digital space is only likely to hit if it is an annoyance at the start of every video you watch. The key to advertising now is to target people who want to buy your product, of course, works well. I search for new trainers and subsequently a deluge with Nike adverts appears on every screen. It seems that as one approaches 60 years of age your browser will sense this and feed you adverts for vitamins, incontinence pants and SAGA holidays. All of which has the opposite effect on most people, they get angry.

Most experts in marketing now tend to approach selling as a “date” except by the third date you buy something like a saucepan rather than contraception.

  • The first date is all about getting to know you, empathy playing an important role, ensuring the people want to spend time together, even if its “just friends.”
  • The Second date gets a bit more serious, a little more flirty.
  • The Third and boom it’s a full-on attraction, and the incontinence pants start to fly off the shelves

That’s how an influencer works; they welcome you in, you feel like a friend. In many YouTuber videos, like the Kardashians on TV, you feel like a house guest. Privileged to get behind the thin veneer of celebrity a sneak peek into their world. Thatcher Joe Sharing every moment of his relationship with Dianne Busswell of course a season and of course winning Strictly helped them to their 3.3m subscribers. But their regular postin ensure the audience stays with them. And now not once would you ever notice you are being sold anything indeed are you. A shot of a juicer, a trip to a hotel, who keeps track of whats free, discounted or paid for its a question the ASA is rightly asking.


All of which is a digression from my point. Not All Video Production Companies are taking the lead from YouTubers. We don’t need one corporate video. Or bright sparling computer renditions of products, take note Sony. I don’t want to be sold from an impersonal corporation. I want to be friends with a brand, to get to know it, look at this video from apple makes a billion-dollar company sound like the original group of kids in a garage.

So learn to be personal, undo corporate norms, post stories not advert above all else be authentic.

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