Video Marketing Best Practices

This Is a Generic Brand Video from Dissolve on Vimeo.

Video Marketing Best Practices

Tomorrow we are making a video with Spirus Marketing We are using this video as our template because it exemplifies Video Marketing Best Practices. Once we have made the video I will post the link so you can see just how this kind of video really works. We particularly like the words. We also like the pictures. The Voice over script is key to the success of the video. The music is great. This is an example of Video Marketing Best Practices.

Humm, have I gone crazy? Well the honest answer is no I haven’t, the irony in this video is that there was never a truer word spoken. This video demonstrates exactly how the thought behind the image needs to speak to the audience. The major shift has been the way we say it. The message still has to convey the brand values of the client. But who is saying it has become really important.

I want people like me to tell me what they like.

So as a consumer of products and services I want “them” to tell me in a language I understand, using the values I have, in a location I recognise why the product or service is great. In fact I don’t want to be told I want to draw my own conclusion from the trust I have in other people just like me.

The issue facing all creatives in the video marketing game is that we can’t make an individual video for every potential customer. Increasingly the old corner-stone of the business the “demographic” has been crushed. There is a dilemma for example: My 80 year-old granny had an affair, she drinks, she has the odd “smoke” she is as progressive as you like. However, my god-daughter is monogamous, has the odd glass of wine and is the most conservative of souls (not politically) she is traditional at 24. This now matters more than the traditional ABC1 D&E’s. What matters now is most 60 year olds won’t be seen dead on a SAGA holiday. Most 18 to 24 year olds can think of nothing worse than a club 18-30 holiday clich√©. There are regular Facebook spats as people rebel against the adverts the are being served. The demo is dead.

So what are

Video Marketing Best Practices?

Video Marketing Best Practices means know you audience still has to be your mantra. It’s a bit like astrology, your video has to be a horoscope. The actual horoscope audience is 1/12 of the population, yet each one of the 6 million taureans in the UK feel like they recognise their own personal life in that paragraph of predictions.

How you go about achieving that? Speaking to each member of the crowd as an individual is actually reflected in the video at the start of this post. We all understand people in white coats are either doing something great or something really bad. Every culture has its own reference points. Every one western ear hears a minor key as a sad piece of music. A sunny field makes most of us feel good. A speeding train makes us feel like we are going places. And we all understand the sub text of a child crying alone on the stairs in the dark, it creates an emotion that makes us text our money to Childline. Just as much as when we hear a nice bloke like Phil Spencer, a person we see on TV being trusted to find people the largest investment of their lives. It makes us trust the web site service because if Phil does the VO we trust them by association.

So tomorrow when I shoot the Spirus team I have already planned how to sell their services with pictures. So I’ve not gone mad and while the video above is a very good example of how not to do it, it’s great to use as a tool to help understand how to do it.

Simply a great marketing video

Of course the best thing about this video? It is a work of Video Marketing Best Practices genius. The largest use of stock footage in the world are advertising agencies. The very people this video is poking fun at. And yet this video is for a company that supplies stock video to advertisers. Every clip in the video is from their library. It is a good job all advertising agencies understand the joke. And that’s why it is such genius, who ever dreamt up the idea knew his audience QED. It is a great example of Video Marketing Best Practices.

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