Super Man with a GoPro – Viral Video

Time for viral video of the week. “Super Man with a GoPro” is superb, all of us at Pepper Rafferty just love it. We actually have a project coming up that will need to use some of the techniques they have used here. This is a great video because it is one of those really home grown looking videos made by professionals! Corridor Digital are a small team of Internet-video creators, led by directors Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer and produced by Jake Watson. They actually work on pretty tight budgets but they manage to create cinematic experiences.

Viral video is so hard to get right, you can’t just set out to make a viral. You create content that has all the key elements of a viral and then hope. I guess the question to ask after who is your audience is. Why will people share this? The answer lies in the WOW factor.

Wow that’s funny
Wow that’s amazing
Wow I never knew that
Wow that made me cry

The list goes on but it’s about making your audience feel something. After that it is about how sharing it makes the sharer feel. It’s about basking in the reflected glory of finding something great making you the sharer look good, funny, like a better person because you care about social issues.

Just like in the movies there are only 7 plots. In viral video world there are only a few types that are successful. Our tip is to watch as many viral with 1m plus views. Understand why these videos have been successful and apply the most appropriate emotion when creating your content. It is all about telling great stories when it comes down to it.

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