Streaming Live Events Can your Business Benefit

Streaming Live Events

Can Your Business Benefit From Streaming Live Events?

Live streaming is one of the most convenient online features that companies can use to engage their audience, show new products and services, and more. It is incredibly convenient, has the potential to be free of costs, and it helps to keep your brand relevant. Learning how your business can benefit from streaming live events will help you to get the most out of live streaming services.

Getting the Attention of Consumers

Consumers are always interested in things that are new. They always want the newest electronics, the most recent news, to be a part of the newest social media networks, and more. Live streaming events grabs the attention of your consumers as it’s relevant and the perfect way to make people watch what you want them to watch. By 2012 attendance for live streaming events increased by up to 123%, which is a figure that every marketing department should be taken into consideration.

Improving Customer Engagement

Have you ever been in a situation where a company that you have followed is hosting an event but you wouldn’t be able to attend because their head office is located so far away? With the help of live streaming you’re able to have customers attend your events without having to leave their homes. This can be beneficial for business to business relations as well, such as hosting meetings. When you have more people tuning into the events that you stream over the internet you can better understand what your customers want from your business and how effective your marketing regimes have been. Viewers can interact live with speakers, asking questions, tweeting, all the same engagement tricks are used in live broadcast TV

Cost Effective and Convenient

Pepper Rafferty can offer a full range of streaming services to suit any number of live events. From a single camera in an office to product launches, presentations and conferences. For large events we can offer our small side studio for interviews or panel discussions.
All of this is backed by broadcast industry experience our crews have worked on all manner of Live broadcast programmes. From “This Morning” and “Big Brother” to Large Pop Concerts , Royal Variety Shows, Got Talent and X Factor.
The values of Pepper Rafferty are still at the core of our live Streaming services, budget on screen and it’s not as expensive as you are thinking. We offer spectacular end results for budgets you will not believe.

So if you are thinking of streaming an event from any location in 2016 give us a call or email

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