Sony Bravia 4K TV’s

The latest videos we’ve made for our clients Sony Europe. Featuring TV’s from the Sony Bravia 4K TV Range. Numbering some 30 videos in 7 different languages shot on Sony NEX FS700 cameras and edited on FCP X using a minimac and macbook Pro.

We used a set but in Sony HQ so still essentially a location shoot. There are several challenges in these shoots. Time of course, always ensuring we deliver on budget. The shooting in several languages is always an issue booth for the editors and the prompter!

The Sony 4K TV’s are great TV’s. The pictures just jump out at you, far better and more practical than 3D. The upscaling is fantastic even from youtube.

We operate a very lean crew for these Jobs, our award winning camera man Oggi Tomic is our rock! We shoot the main Set up on two cameras and then edit multi cam clips in FCPX. this is to help the work flow and speed up the edit. It also means we don’t have to shoot and edit cutaways and as our presenters are not professionals we can cut out fluffs and pauses quite quickly and easily.

The product shots are exactly as you see them. We use Ice lights for the sparkle and highlights with plenty of wide soft light for the general look. Lighting TV’s is always a challenge. As the pictures are real and not composites we have to expose for the actual picture and be very careful about patterning or frame rolling. As we often shoot with pre production models using source material from the USA and Japan there can be a few issues that need solving. The reflections are cured using big soft lights and plenty of flags!

As we love tech stuff and gadgets this is a dream job for us. We’d do it for free, but don’t tell Sony!

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