Sony a6000 camera Feature Video

This project had a fast turn around shot in Germany over a weekend edited over night on Sunday and delivered after comments on Tuesday. The Client was Sony I was the cameraman/director and Marcus produced.

The Sony a6000 camera Feature Video was shot on the Canon c100, normally we’d have used the NEX FS700 as we try to do for all our Sony Jobs and it would have been getter for the slow motion action shots. But it was a last minute commission so we had to go with the camera we had in the store at the time. The light in the gym was a challenge as was the speed of the action. Everything was shot as it happened.

The interview was a mixture of natal light for the kicker and fill. I used an Ice Light for a bit of definition on Walter’s face. We had to use his studio light for the background fill and i was a bit stuck with the colour temperature. Over all i found the brown tone when added to his jacket was not terribly pleasing but i didn’t have time for a full grade.

It was a pleasure to shot, Walter Fogel the photographer was fantastic and his wife catered for all of us. The Edit was on FCPX and just FYI the depth of field on the start land end of the video was in camera and for real.

Alpha 6000 Fogel Final Cut from Pepper Rafferty on Vimeo.

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