Social Media Video

Social Media Video

Example of a Video for Social Media.

Social Media Video

This is an example of a video for social media, focusing on the features and benefits of a product. It is designed to be watched with no audio and its only 45 seconds long. Incidentally this is a great speaker. If you are interested the here’s a link to the product page Sony srs-xb501g.

Features and Benefits

The first question when I look at product marketing is why would anyone buy this? That’s a hard question to answer today. A few years ago people would simply say, “because I want to hear my music”. Now of course it is about lifestyle. This speaker is an additional purchase, clearly we can use our headphones if we want to hear our music. All of which leads us to the answer today, why buy? Most people look for things they want to buy, there’s less of an impulse culture, people have speakers, they may even have bluetooth speakers, the questions are, what makes this one different? These are the features and benefits I focus on.


So that said what specifically makes this speaker special? Well it’s a powerful speaker, which means I can share my music with others. It is portable it and works from battery. It’s water-resistant and I can connect wirelessly. Bass is a key feature as a lot of speakers in this style lack bass.
Also it has Google assistant built-in, so if a was thinking of buying a smart speaker this could be an option. It also has lights, personally that’s a bit of a gimmick for me but to a younger age group it is point of difference to other speakers on the market.


Then we have to look at the manufacturers expected target market. This speaker costs £300 so it’s quite a spend which puts it in the latter end of the twenties demo, there’s probably no upper limit in broad terms. Mum and Dad may get one for some background music in the Garden during those BBQ nights, or just sitting on the patio. So we need the video to show that lifestyle.

Viewers of social media

This video is designed for social media. Targeting people who are into new gear from a lifestyle point of view and not techno trend followers (sorry trying to avoid saying geeks). People may be after specifically buying a portable speaker as a replacement for a smaller personal type bought as a teen. All of which informs us of tags, hashtags, length and style of video: what we say and how we say it.

finished Result

The result is the following video. Its short and has no voice over. the text is bold and clear, you can view with no audio. The images suggest sharing, party, in essence lifestyle. Theres no need for a flowery descriptions verbally or captions. The video focuses on portability, 16 hours battery life, it’s water proof and as great bass. We see it has google assistant, users know what this is, no need to explain. And the light feature is there as an image of visual interest, it spices up the visual and tell you another feature. And all in 45 seconds!

Social Media Video SRS-XB501G from Pepper Rafferty on Vimeo.

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