Prank Video Clips

Promote your Brand

Prank video clips are a great way to promote a brand. This one is as slick as you would expect from a brand as big as Pepsi. I know they do have a huge marketing spend and they have to get rid of it somewhere. The key thing is that even a large brand like Pepsi see the value of spending their cash on event marketing that transfers to video marketing.

Using video to market their brand is obviously seen as a vital part of Pepsi’s brand strategy. They asked themselves who their audience was and honed in on an intelligent and funny prank to appeal to that demographic. It is interesting enough to be sharable and the video effects are very similar to popular iPhone apps.

Return on Investment

In four days the clip has been viewed on youtube 1,625,000 times. THis is a great measure of success 8,000 likes and just 200 dislikes. We don’t know how many time the video has been shared. The return on investment is simple to measure in terms of calculating the cost of production divided by the views. The effective terms of ROI in sales can’t really be measured but this is about brand awareness. The cool factor is key, what is the cool drink of the moment, Coke, Red Bull or Pepsi. It’s all about talking to your audience, telling them a story and making sure that story reflects your brand values. If you don’t know your audience or haven’t worked out out what kind of car your company is, or what animal, or even what music is your company then you are not on the bottom rung of the ladder. And if you don’t know what I am talking about email me or give us a call! or 0800 193 7600.

Prank Video Clips

Prank Video clips are a great way to get your brands values out to an audience. Look at the number being created on youtube. To be effective that have to be simple and they have to talk to your audience. Too risqué and they may alienate, too silly they may turn people off but the converse is also true, Know your audience.

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