Pepper Rafferty YouTube Channel

Pepper Rafferty YouTube Channel

This is our Pepper Rafferty youtube channel. If I am honest we don’t have the time to work on it as much as I’d like. We are too busy making videos for other clients! That said we’d like to make more video.

YouTube has changed the way we view our content. Certainly in the pre 20’s demo. Stars are made by simply sharing their thoughts and lives online. It is a very powerful medium. And in the business world there are some amazing statistics about views, follow and engagement when using video. All that said there are an awful lot of videos with less than 500 views. NOt every video is going to get an amazing engagement.

I’ve written a post about marketing strategy you can read it here.

You need to look at youtube to understand social media video, there are two basic types.

Which engages the viewers, it’s posted often and is the style used by almost all influencers. Either the
Thatcher Joe type of reality series, or the reviewer, DOP and niche vlogger of Phillip Bloom

This is the single watch video seen mainly on facebook, it makes you laugh or cry, the key is you want to share that thought with your friends, from the serious bits of information from World Economic Forum to Amazing Cats. The one thing we can see is that popular video has no similarity with the corporate video companies lean towards. It is time to change, and part of that changes is paying less for video to enable more regular posts for Story-Video marketing. Or find something amazing to share for a one-off.