Pepper Rafferty Show Reel

Pepper Rafferty Show Reel

Pepper Rafferty Show Reel from Pepper Rafferty on Vimeo.

Pepper Rafferty Show Reel

Video Production Company Pepper Rafferty does have a showreel and I don’t know why but it still makes me smile we call it Pepper Rafferty Show Reel. It also wakes me up, I think it’s the music. But what is the essence of a good show reel? We talk about this a lot. Clearly, it should show off what you can do. But even the music on this example could put off a person who wants a nice sedate mixy mixy destination video.

For me a showreel needs to be short, never self-indulgent and it must make people sit up and want to see more, it needs to be sexy. A showreel sets the tone of a Video Production Company. I guess our next showreel will have a couple of changes of pace in its 90 seconds (the ideal duration IMHO.)

But in the end, a showreel is an introduction. But how can I tell out potential clients in a showreel that they are going to get a team who are really professional? Some of the best in the professional broadcast area. Director of shows we all watch. Camera Crew who win Baftas.

If you cram too much in or sell too hard it becomes way too much of a sell. I suppose I just want people to think “they seem interesting, I want to find out more.”

Perhaps the round of text-based and stop motion promo videos are the way to go. Personally, I have always believed in one simple rule. If our end products are good the customers will follow.

We are passionate about making videos, we obviously want the video to tell a story or get our clients message across. Our equipment is the tools we use to tell the stories. Our company is there to enable us to make videos. Our videos show what we can do. in the end, it doesn’t matter what the story of Pepper Rafferty is, how entrepreneurial we are as a company or how we have grown. It doesn’t matter that we use good gear. It is simply about the content we create and we love creating content.


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