Our Last Ever Video

Yes sadly this is our last ever video because from now on we are… content creators. No more video, it is content; no more copy they are posts and visual images become “Instas”. Welcome to the new age of content creation. Broadcasters are no longer brands, they are just another means of delivery. There is no loyalty to a platform even as consumers we want to mix and match, switch and swing our loyalty to the people who actually create content.

We may have a favoured platform, just like we have a favourite jumper but it’s a thing to use. Our loyalty has transferred to people, the so-called influencers, such is the distrust of the institutions and corporations. We have been sold their thinking, mainly to help us part with our money or votes for far too long. We no longer trust them opting for the messages of our friends, people our friend’s trust or of course celebrities we love.

Traditional Broadcasters (an interesting piece about how we protect them from the economist here), in particular, have lost their brand status, even the BBC’s has been eroded. Luckily for them, they have managed to transfer their trusted brand to digital with BBC3 and iPlayer, but it is about the content. We talk about “Line of Duty” but do we actually think of it as a BBC drama, what about Broadchurch, what channel was it on? Did you assume because it was good it was on the BBC? It was of course on ITV but do we care, it was just good content.

So Pepper Rafferty is no longer a video producer, agency or production company we are content creators. I am no longer a TV director, format creator or executive producer, I am a content creator. Marcus is no longer a channel executive writer and sustainability advocate, he is a…content creator.

We are liberated, perhaps popularised but free from the gatekeepers of the restricted channels that used to curate our creativity. If content is king then we are trusted servants to that goal of great content. We no longer inspire on every screen but we inspire through great content, be that Content (video), Posts (copy or writing) or Instas, (photos.)

And if you are reading this through the cynical eyes of “emperors new clothes” you have got me wrong. I am serious, the way we work and operate has changed, completely changed. It is time for a new vocabulary. We are not dressing up the old to make something new, this is not those pesky youths using an “in” language to escape dominance of the older generation. This is social change and all need to change or sink.

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