AI Editing a reality

AI Editing in Post Production

Magisto is an example of the ever-growing number of AI Editing apps. They also give companies access to a huge number of online assets. These assets are all stored in the cloud and never need to clog up your computers. But are these apps producing good results? What is the benefit of using AI Editing?…

Video the future

The Future of Video

The Future of Video What is the Future of Video? So what is the future of video? I am talking in any context, marketing, entertainment, news, or as a means of communication. We hear from pundits all the time and have seen for ourselves how powerful video is. It is through its engagement of course….

Social Media Video

Social Media Video

Social Media Video This is an example of a video for social media, focusing on the features and benefits of a product. It is designed to be watched with no audio and its only 45 seconds long. Incidentally this is a great speaker. If you are interested the here’s a link to the product page…

AGT logo directed by Jonathan Glazier PR Creative director

Creative Director

Jonathan Glazier Creative Director Hi, I am Jonathan Glazier, the creative director and co-founder of Pepper Rafferty. When I am not creating marketing or product videos for Pepper Rafferty, I work as a producer and director on broadcast TV shows. Currently, I am the executive producer and director of Asias Got Talent. I’ve worked in…

video marketing

Video Marketing

The General Benefits of Video Marketing Video marketing is the new trend for businesses and everyone is talking about it but is it all hype? At Pepper Rafferty, we believe in having a strong marketing strategy. There really are a variety of advantages to using video for marketing, especially if you want to make the…

CES 2016

CES 2016 Next Week

CES 2016 Next Week It is almost here, CES 2016 next week, and if you are interested in video, marketing or just gadget mad this is THE show for you. The official youtube channel for CES 2016 is below. . CES 2016 is held in Las Vegas, and the hotels get very expensive around the…

accenture live event

Live Event Video

Pepper Rafferty First Live Event Video Commission We are delighted to announce that one of the largest management consultancies, Accenture has commissioned Pepper Rafferty for live event video of a large scale internal event during the run-up to Christmas. As well as supplying multi-camera coverage for the live event our team also advised on the…