streaming virtual events

Live Streaming and Virtual Events

Live Streaming for Virtual Events Important virtual events like webinars, conferences, and keynotes are impossible to attend in person if you live far away or if the event location doesn’t allow remote access (e.g., on cruise ships). Fortunately, there are live streaming platforms that let you tune in to any virtual event on your computer…

Live Streaming Cambridge

Live Streaming, Pros and Cons

Who Uses Live Streaming There’s plenty of live streaming going on in Cambridge. Events, webinars, graduations, live music, weddings and sadly funerals. Companies are using live streams between remote locations for internal comms and of course individuals offering services to clients particualrly in the theraputic sector are connecting to their clients through live streams. Why…

What is storytelling?

What is storytelling?

how do you tell a story for social media? What is storytelling, and how do you tell a story for social media? “Story” is a much-used word today and just about everywhere, in marketing, branding, reality TV. We are in the age of story but what is” story” what is storytelling, and how do you…

Get Rich Quick increase your income

Get Rich Quick

Increase your monthly income from 6 to 7 figures. Once upon a time, the interweb was full of very dubious get rich quick schemes. Today social media is full of “get clients fast” schemes; we increased our monthly income to 7 figures, increase your followers; this is the magic formula, download our client getting templates….

Production Values

Video Production Values

What is Video Production Value? So what are video production values? Is it return on investment, is the cost of production covered by the traffic and sales it produces? In the business of producing video, TV or commercial, production values are the quality of the production, does it look glossy and expensive? The most important…

little and Often Video Marketing Strategy

Marketing Video Strategy

I want to talk about Marketing Video Strategy. If you are about to spend your entire marketing budget an a new corporate video STOP, for a moment there are a couple of things to consider. We all love the John Lewis advert and we watch it over and over BUT, even a John Lewis advert…

Marcus Railton Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround Video

We have added a new client to our portfolio with a fast turnaround video. We were called on Friday and asked to shoot a video in Paris. We travelled Monday and were shooting on Tuesday. It was a complex subject under NDA so we can’t discuss the details, but it was a large product. The…