Marketing Video Strategy

little and Often Video Marketing Strategy

little and Often Video Marketing Strategy

I want to talk about Marketing Video Strategy. If you are about to spend your entire marketing budget an a new corporate video STOP, for a moment there are a couple of things to consider.

We all love the John Lewis advert and we watch it over and over BUT, even a John Lewis advert is only for Christmas even at that huge cost, we all move on and its consigned to being last years ad by mid January. Video is a throw-away medium, there’s very little we watch more than twice particularly over a short period of time.

So is it worth spending your entire marketing budget for a year on one or two videos? Isn’t little and often the way to go? It’s been shown the way to build up a social presence is through regular posting. Big brands will post to instagram 1.5 times a day. If your clients and customers visit your pages and see the same thing, they won’t be coming back. Do you even have a Marketing Video Strategy?

You need to identify your yearly cycles, that may be around sales or seasons. In manufacturing, it’s around product launches, in leisure, hotels resorts and health clubs its around seasons and holidays. Obviously, you will need to support those key milestones with video so identifying those milestones is the first job. But then you need to keep the conversation going in-between, this is harder and where the really creative stuff happens. What do we post when we have nothing to say What will keep people talking? A great customer experience? Or it could be great discussions about how cool your brand is, are your employees doing a charity parachute jump? Is someone running the marathon? Have you got great initiatives around the greening of your workflow?

In my industry the weekly transmission of a show is our tent pole. We want to drive viewers to that destination. So we design a social media campaign with really tight precision around that weekly event. Behind the scenes with judges and contestants, the excitement and stress week to week. A discussion about the previous episode mixed with a tease for the next. Sneaky peeks into the lives of the hosts and judges, all carefully planned to ensure the conversation around the story of the show continues.

And this is the point, you should spend a reasonable amount on your main video for your cycles but save enough for regular weekly posts and the CMS systems to update your social feeds. It shouldn’t cost a fortune but you need an agency that can respond quickly and turn around your social posts quickly and a sensible cost.

At Pepper Rafferty have our broadcast gear that produces high-quality footage for the key videos. But we also have kit that can get great results quickly and easily at a moments notice. Talk to your video production company about working on a retainer. Where a monthly sum is paid for a guaranteed number of video, or minutes. Sometimes training in house people to use basic video gear is better and more cost-effective, provided they can come up with the ideas on what content to post.

If a client or customer has a great story it needs to be shared the next day, if your company has 15 employees all raising funds for a charity, that story needs telling as it happens. If your hotel has a special guest chef I want to see the build up to the even while they happen and the comments the very next day.

All of this can be achieved at a really great and reasonable cost that will provide a better return on the 25k annual corporate and you’ll be surprised at how little difference there is cost little and often.

There is one other side to the social media merry go round at work, people understand the basic from their own personal accounts. This knowledge needs harnessing, but people understand. Social media marketing can also bring about unexpected benefits in the workplace. The need for stories about the workplace means there’s an opportunity for bonding experiences or leadership roles out of the management structure. If there is an employee lead charitable goal or a staff initiative to save on plastics. These can bring the staff together and they can feel they have a voice.

So do get your marketing video strategy in place. I am always happy to talk and offer advice. Out strategy on the large pan regional shows like Asia’s Got Talent is complex in its execution because of the scheduling, but the principals are straight forward. POST OFTEN, POST DIFFERENT, POST CONTENT FOT FOR THE PLATFORM, POST GOOD WORTHWHILE CONTENT.
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