Live Streaming

Live Streaming


This video was created from stock footage for a Live Streaming event. It formed part of an introduction during a live stream internally at Accenture. The live stream was managed by Pepper Rafferty from London. It was a 90 minute “TV” Show with local guests and contributors from Washington and Isreal.

It was quite a technical exercise and we used skype professional for the links which worked Well. We did record the feeds locally. For the on-demand upload, we replaced the skype audio with the locally recorded source.

The Key to these events is for the client to trust the producers, Although the clients may no the MD or CEO, they may not be the right people to produce them. Similarly, we have had years of experience making shows that entertain and inform. We can make business video or event that entertain and inform without lowering the bar. AT LWT the board often used to come to the entertainment department for advice on how to spice up the AGM. Business is very warly of TV production, I don’t know why Production Companies are not just for Christmas – Parties. We can offer insight into creating a memorable event too.


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