Live Streaming, Pros and Cons

Who Uses Live Streaming

There’s plenty of live streaming going on in Cambridge. Events, webinars, graduations, live music, weddings and sadly funerals. Companies are using live streams between remote locations for internal comms and of course individuals offering services to clients particualrly in the theraputic sector are connecting to their clients through live streams.

Why Stream Live?

There are many benefits to live streaming, and some drawbacks. The main benefit is the interaction, the feedback is imediate, you can run live polls and of course Question and Answer sessions. This is a fantastic way of connecting with clients, customers or co-workers. 

The drawbacks are unfortunately plentiful too, even seassoned broadcasters have been know to made rather public mistakes. The technical side has to be robust too, issues around sound, or poor internet speeds and frozen images are the same for a live stream as they are on teams or zoom. 

Theres also a perception of quality, a stream is much more like TV so the audience has a benchmark and the comparason isnt alway great. Finally theres the reach, if you do set up your stream and you only get 3 viewers in can be very demoralizing and as each pone of those viewers can usually see they are one of 3, well its not a good feeling.

How to Guarentee a Great Live Stream?

I guess that’s the million dollar question, there are some things that are beyond contol, like the speed of your viewers internet. There’s a partial solution by using a solution that undestands the speed of your individual viewers and supplies and approraite best quality for the available connection.

In terms of professionalisum you probably need to research your chosen supplier, look at their previous work, go with reccomendations, look at the experience of the team you are employing. 

If your staff or managers are presenting the live stream, or you are doing it yourself, learn to get critisisum, in fact seek out other peoples opions, peaple you trust to tell you the way it is. Perhaps even get some training in presenting skill.

You could also think about setting up an office as a streaming centre. If you are a firm of accountants you could stream a weekly live event for clients on accounting, or provide a money awareness course. If you are a large entity you could have weekly staff streams given by senior management. Ot even connecting all the remore offices of your company. For that you need a company who can set up the gear and train your staff to use it, it can me very simple.

Perhaps retain the services of a streaming service to supply a weekly stream to customer and clients. A Streaming service who can actually help with producing the content week on week.

Streaming is here to stay, the main service providors are not seeing the predicted drop off as the restriction of the last 18 months are relaxed.

There are plenty of streaming serices around, research them. Ours is serviced by me Jonathan Glazier and I produce and direct all over the world, big shows like Asias Got Talent and I cut my teeth on live news and shows like This Morning. So i have pleant of experience to offer and project large or small. ProStream is part of Pepper Rafferty and offers Training in presenting and producing live streams. We can install the grea, its not expensive. Happy to work on retianers with a guaretten of fixed hors per month. And we can stream and event, large small, corporate of family.

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