Live Streaming and Virtual Events

Live Streaming for Virtual Events

Important virtual events like webinars, conferences, and keynotes are impossible to attend in person if you live far away or if the event location doesn’t allow remote access (e.g., on cruise ships). Fortunately, there are live streaming platforms that let you tune in to any virtual event on your computer or smartphone wherever you are in the world! But which ones are best? This guide will help you figure out which live streaming platform is right for your next virtual event—whether it’s an online training course, business conference, or live-streamed wedding!

Choosing a platform

When it comes to live streaming, there are a few different platforms available, so you should consider which one is right for your event. For example, if your goal is to broadcast an engaging presentation or training, then Facebook Live or YouTube Live might be your best option. On the other hand, if you want to offer real-time answers to questions from audience members, then Periscope might be a better fit. Ultimately, you’ll need to choose based on your goals and resources. Or perhaps you want to recreate the feel of a real-life conference or event, in which case a paid-for option could be the answer. Largely the choice depends on a couple of factors., is the event free or paid registration

Free live streaming tools

It doesn’t matter if you need to stream a small event or a large conference; there are free live streaming tools available. Check out our list of favourites and see which platforms will work best for your event! Livecasting is becoming more and more important when it comes to virtual events, such as conferences, but you don’t have to break your bank to make it happen. We’ve found some amazing free live streaming options that we think will help take your next event from good to great.
1) all the tools we have come to know and love during our various lockdowns are the best for small interactive conferences, sure for larger numbers, you may need to go pro and pay. but for conferences of smaller numbers zoom, teams etc are ideal
2) Facebook live is another option great for keynotes to larger audiences, not the best suited for conferences.
3) Instagram live is only available on the mobile app but great for connecting with a large established Instagram fan base
4) Periscope is Twitter’s live option, again for iOS and Android great for anyone with an established Twitter audience.
5) youtube live is a great platform, it has search baked in so people can find your stream.

So for the smaller operators, shops, small businesses Etsy shops all the above a great no-cost option to launch products and events particularly to an established audience, or to communicate with your existing audience on a regular basis. For larger events perhaps more corporate read on

Paid live streaming tools

Let’s say you want to stream your conference, but you’re on a budget. There are plenty of paid services out there (UStream, LiveStream, etc.) that will help you broadcast live events. Paid live streaming tools tend to be easier to use than free services, and they give you more control over viewing options (i.e., how many people can watch). Some even offer additional capabilities like chat functionality and video storage (for on-demand viewing).
I am not going to review all the live event tools or review them. below is a simple list of links for you to explore.
Just remember the term virtual event. Although we are coming out of lockdown and a lot of these tools were a must during covid our inability to travel, most people think these apps will be a great tool as we cut down on carbon footprint, the need to reduce the cost of travel and great convenience. If you want to have a virtual option standing alone or next to a real event you should explore these links.
I would advise that parenting with pro streamers is the best advice, our company is prostream. They will help you navigate the pitfall of virtual events.
This is a shortlist of some of the options we have used. They are all very diverse in the ideal use case for each, you decide!

Tips when using live streaming tools

The tools listed below are free and relatively simple to use, so getting your virtual event streaming online shouldn’t be a problem. But there are some tips to consider before diving in.
1) Use professionals, we’d be bound to say that wouldn’t we however if there are technical difficulties the potential for brand damage is huge.
2) Check out any platforms really thoroughly, particularly the ability to interact live in Q and A’s or side meetings.
3) Remember you are trying to recreate what people experience in reality. OK, you can’t open a bar online or a casual meeting at a stand. But the experience needs to be as near to real life as possible.
4) Sign up, again the signup process needs to have as few barriers to entry as possible. ensure your host platform enables you to tailor the signup process for guests.
5) so let’s assume you are using a professional, make sure they are partners, a team that can work with your own needs and aspirations.
Follow the above and you should have a great live event!

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