How to find the right video company

How to find the right video company

How to find the right video company

Pepper Rafferty is a video production company based in Cambridge, we produce quality content and creative video for our clients. But potential clients have a huge choice of local production companies.  All make great video so, how to find the right video company? How do you choose one video producer over another, should the choice be based on budget alone? Co-Founder & creative director Jonathan Glazier produces digital and broadcast content around the world and he has some thoughts on what a video company should be offering.

How to Budget for Video Production, a changing landscape.

This is so complex because it’s not all about the finished video anymore. In the beginning, you had cheap video and costly video, there was no real way of monitoring who watched it. In those days a corporate video was something you played on exhibition stands, in powerpoint presentations or actually sent people on DVD. The price you paid was for a finished video, and it’s quality and production values drove the budget.

Quality Content doesn’t equal move video views.

Today we have metrics, we have likes, everyone can see how many views your video has, of course, the more video views the better ROI. All video today is almost broadcast to the audience online using youtube or Vimeo. Some video companies use bespoke video services like buto or Brightcove. Then there’s social media video on facebook, Linkedin and Instagram. Posting one beautifully crafted corporate video a year or quarter on social media is not a good use of budget or effort.

A campaign approach.

In broadcast TV we try not to make one-off shows unless it’s a spectacular event. A TV series builds an audience, the same effect applies to social media. As word gets out amongst friends and family the audience grows, people have a chance to find the show. Today they can even play catchup or even binge-watch missed programs. Exactly the same principals apply to your corporate video message. All this makes finding the right video production company quite a task. They need to help you with the video marketing

So what is the campaign approach?

A campaign is a series of videos or a sustained presence on social media. This is where budgeting and creative video really start to work together. When creating a video, your video company needs to look at how the budget can best work to provide a solution. As we have said, creating a beautiful corporate video once a year and putting it on youtube isn’t going to get the video seen. The idea is to spend the same but create more. Little and often is really the key, creating stories with a proper narrative.

So how do you find the right video company

Look for a partner, a video company that talk your language and shares some of the thinking I have outlined. They should talk about how to deliver your vision on your budget. More and more in today’s climate that could mean a retainer to produce videos over a period of time. There would be a set up fee. The setup fee is for preparing all the generic graphics a proposed content calendar etc. This should also include research into your competitors. Then there’s a minimum output deal. This means we will produce 4 2 minute videos a month in this style for this amount of money. That may involve one day of filming, banking enough material for all 4 videos. You should be looking for the video company to suggest any and every way to reduce costs. Looking at it another way to maximise content for your cash. Above all else a company that shares your vision, your values and speaks your language. How to find the right video company

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