Get Rich Quick

Get Rich Quick and Make Money fasterIncrease your monthly income from 6 to 7 figures.

Once upon a time, the interweb was full of very dubious get rich quick schemes. Today social media is full of “get clients fast” schemes; we increased our monthly income to 7 figures, increase your followers; this is the magic formula, download our client getting templates. I wonder if there’s any difference from the pyramid, Ponzi fake Get Rich Quick schemes of 20 years ago to today’s social media “get rich fest”?

Target Video Agencies

Video Agencies seem to be a particular target for these. I know we are a Cambridge based video production company, and of course, we are on the target list. But, my research shows that just about all the service industries you can think of are being targeted in the same way. Life Coaches can increase there income if they follow the simple template download it here: Public Speakers, you name it. If you are offering a service there is a “get rich,” or “get clients,” template, or funnel you can download to increase your income ten fold.






Make Money Faster with this tried and tested  Funnel

Is there such a thing as “Guaranteed Success”? These Get Rich Quick funnels, the series of steps required to get you to part with your money follow precisely the same pattern as the get rich schemes of before.

1. Offer something for free that will promise to get Get Rich Quick, clients, income, etc. etc. Click.
2. Fill in your email for your download to start immediately (or similar)
3. While that’s downloading here’s another video or text. It will say nothing with great enthusiasm.
4. That “nothing” is very carefully constructed to disguise common knowledge as a revelation.
5. While you have that Damascus moment you forget your senses and sign up for a $300 webinar
6. You are hooked and in the system and eventually a couple of thousand dollars poorer
7. 1in 1000 people will use the same dodgy techniques and make money.
8. Your prize, to be featured on the marketing of your original contact, to make them even more money

Does anyone increase their income using Get Rich Quick methods?

That is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? I expect several thousand do increase their clients or income and Get Rich Quick. But how many people have parted with cash to see nothing? For me, the question is, do I want my precious brand to be associated with these funnel techniques? I want, actually I need clients of course I do, but at what cost. I am not prepared to sacrifice my integrity. I want my clients to hear my pitch, yes we have a popup on our web site. But it is genuinely offering a phone call consultation to asses a current video campaign or to discuss how video would work for the caller.

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