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Jonathan Glazier Creative Director

Hi, I am Jonathan Glazier, the creative director and co-founder of Pepper Rafferty. When I am not creating marketing or product videos for Pepper Rafferty, I work as a producer and director on broadcast TV shows. Currently, I am the executive producer and director of Asias Got Talent. I’ve worked in Broadcast TV all my career, and I am privileged to do so around the world. My attempt at Mandarin on a call to action for Taiwan is at the end of this post.

Asia’s Got Talent

Working on Asia’s Got Talent is one of the most amazing experiences, it’s a multinational crew, and we have talent from 17 counties. Sometimes I go to work thinking this is great training for the UN! That said it really is heartwarming to see how different cultures can come together with a common goal. One of the key attributes of and Executive producer is finding solutions, often in a split second. The others are critical thinking and strategic planning. Some people ask how I manage my time between both roles, and that’s a great question. I have an obtuse answer, in that

“what I do in each job helps inform and feed my creativity in the other.”

On a more practical level, as work patterns change we all multitask, the important thing is finding enough time to do justice to every project. The internet reduced the size of our world to a laptop screen. I find that I can easily work on planning and post-production while I am away, Marcus, does all the meeting and business development. We can even do post-production in SE Asia. So there’s rarely a conflict of interest.


The changing face of broadcast television has taught me many things, being adaptable is probably the most important lesson. Being adaptable is the key to being a good creative director. The other big lesson is around social media and how important an integrated approach is to successful numbers. I am pleased that the video of last years AGT winner is the most-watched video of all video on facebook you can check it out here. I think there’s a reason it has 619 million views. It’s not all the act (which is very good) but its the way we produced it to tell a story. The reaction of Anggun, our female judge, was key to that story. Her reaction elevated the story and made it a talking point on social media. Of course, we strive to do the exact same with all our acts, it’s only fair. In this case it really worked well. Working with our digital team and their integrated strategy, I believe AGT is a model for good marketing practise using social media.

Sadeem Creative Director and Development

Another project I am very proud to have played a major role in shaping was Sadeem. Another Pan regional show but this time entirely digital and in Arabia. I used much of what I learned on Asia’s Got Talent when developing this idea. Basically, it is a talent search for digital content creators, YouTubers or influencers. We used the same strategies. A home base on youtube drawing in viewers using Instagram and Facebook.

Current Projects

I am writing this update from Dubai, where I am advising on a brilliant project. Because of non-disclosure agreements, I can actually go into detail. It is a wonderful project, and it gives young people a voice, again, my passion in all I do. Working in this industry is always a privilege, doing so around the world is more so. Often when we vacation we see a tourists eye of a culture or country. To work with people in a team using the common language of production gives one a real insight very different from that tourist’s perspective. It has had a profound effect on m view of the world and the international politics we all read about. While the term false news is a fallacy, there is much to be said about the false impression one can derive from the media view of nations.

What this means for our clients

In short when a client books Pepper Rafferty they get so much more added value that most other video agencies. We are able to pull on all these experiences to offer so much more than simple location ideas and shot descriptions. We can offer ideas on distribution, timing what content works on each platform. We understand how to make information entertaining, even the tough stuff. We can certainly put on a show, if you need an event to launch your product or company. As for live streaming, my background began in live news and countless hours of live TV. Facing every challenge that entails, technical breakdowns – like the one X factor suffered recently, bomb scares to streakers, even no crew due to traffic conditions. We can handle anything. And all at sensible prices!
So do think of us if you are planning a video even or campaign, we are here to help.


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