CES 2016 Next Week

CES 2016

CES 2016 Next Week

It is almost here, CES 2016 next week, and if you are interested in video, marketing or just gadget mad this is THE show for you. The official youtube channel for CES 2016 is below. .

CES 2016 is held in Las Vegas, and the hotels get very expensive around the exhibition dates. The good thing is that all the news of the latest gadgets and technology will be all over the web almost as it happens. Every tech blogger and youtuber will be there with last years latest toys to shoot, and stream the latest news. Or you can keep up to date with the official links above.

For those of you who don’t know CES 2016 is the consumer electronics show. It’s held at the beginning of every year and is the largest consumer electronics show in the world. It’s where every one makes there big announcements of new gear.

We know that sony have something to announce and we have seen some of the products, we are shooting some of them next month. The other buzz words are artificial intelligenc – the siri type functions of mobiles etc, robots and the gadgets an ideas that promise a better healthier lifestyle and if you want an idea of what could be coming up here is a link to the BBC article where Zoe Kleinman reports on the CES unveiled pre-show event.

Always excited me and over the years there have not been many CES shows that fail to deliver on the WOW factor. For those of us who grew up on Tomorrows World, this is the nearest equivalent, (IMHO the gadget show doesn’t come close!)

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