Get Rich Quick increase your income

Get Rich Quick

Increase your monthly income from 6 to 7 figures. Once upon a time, the interweb was full of very dubious get rich quick schemes. Today social media is full of “get clients fast” schemes; we increased our monthly income to 7 figures, increase your followers; this is the magic formula, download our client getting templates….

Production Values

Video Production Values

What is Video Production Value? So what are video production values? Is it return on investment, is the cost of production covered by the traffic and sales it produces? In the business of producing video, TV or commercial, production values are the quality of the production, does it look glossy and expensive? The most important…

Video the future

The Future of Video

The Future of Video What is the Future of Video? So what is the future of video? I am talking in any context, marketing, entertainment, news, or as a means of communication. We hear from pundits all the time and have seen for ourselves how powerful video is. It is through its engagement of course….