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Cambridge TV School

So Cambridge is going to get its own TV school and if you enrol you may even meet me! If you are interested follow the link. It’s a very different sort of course as its linked to the new Cambridge TV channel Cambridge Presents. This programming and content is still being discussed but the course will link to a fully working TV station. I wish it all well. This is all by way of an introduction to my own personal idea of a course in “Video Entrepreneurship”, i am planning to write more about that this week.

Cambridge Video Production

Looking just at our local area of Cambridge, it’s clear that video production is exploding. This is probably down to the every increasing availability of good video cameras particularly DLSRs and the inclusion of video editing software on every new computer, phone and tablet. I’ve seen about 5 new companies join the google listings in our area, all with great sites and video show reels. We welcome the competition! Many of us don’t occupy the same space, some are more chromakey based, some are focused on music and less on business. Some are wedding videographers expanding their customer base. We think that any increase in awareness of Video Production is great and particularly Cambridge Video Production. It’s only right that one of the areas leading the economic recovery should also have a buoyant and thriving Video Production community and a wider creative community.

Taking Video Seriously

Despite the growing community of video companies, it is still a struggle to get video taken seriously. Many companies still go down the DIY or in-house route. Often even the back bedroom operators can’t make a living or compete with a marketing department armed with an iPhone. Many companies to not see the benefits of good video made well or the wonderful creativity some people bring to the table. Just because you have a person in your company who can draw doesn’t mean to say you let them loose them on your latest poster campaign or marketing brochure.
It’s not just about technical ability. Often those who work in the business simply can’t bring new ideas to the table on a quarterly basis year or year. I once asked a group of magazine editors at IPC to come up with a new title for the BBC 3 demographic. Silence fell on the room as it was a very familiar brainstorm session, one they had probably exhausted. However, when I asked them to do the same for a TV show, the room was alive with new possibilities. It’s that fresh look that can really power up a video campaign.

So I do urge businesses to look at the new Video Production companies in Cambridge, perhaps even some of the established ones. We take video very seriously and we can create great content. That’s what video is really all about, great video content that sells your brand, product or service.

I am always tempted to come up with a Game Show catch phase like “keep shooting” when finishing a blog post. I don’t think that’s very on message with our brand though! Perhaps I will say, do take video seriously but have fun making it! And I hope you understand the cost of creativity is a worthwhile expense and it can show a return on investment and like any other talent, skill or service it is very worth while investing in.

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